Indulge is one of the most well known and respected Salon chains in India.

Indulge is not just a brand, its an Experience. For people who are passionate about beauty and wellness, being a part of Indulge is like living your dream. Now you can be a part of this experience and own an Indulge salon, through our Indulge Partner Program. We launched this program specifically for those of you who have a strong for beauty, hair or wellness and have a dream of opening a salon. We have multiple salon formats based on your location, the market potential and the investment levels.

Salons have evolved to be being a beauty parlour, to a structured professional organisation. Indulge will help you not just with the process of setting up the salon but also hand hold you throughout the engagement. As a part of this relationship, Indulge will provide support in

  • Interior Designing
  • Development of the Salon
  • Recruitment of the Right Resources
  • Staff On Boarding
  • Processes Implementations
  • Vendor Management
  • Procurement Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing Support
Partner Program

To know more about Indulge Partner Program and to be a part of the Indulge family, write to us , or Call: 07077700996